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I am a mixed media artist and blogger, living and working on the Oregon Coast. A 1200 square ft. elementary school classroom is my studio, office and living space.

A few years ago I started calling myself “The Walkabout Woman” as a way to describe the more conscious way I was living my life.

The word “walkabout” actually refers to an Australian aboriginal custom of wandering for a period of time in the wild bush to retrace the paths and stories of one’s ancestors.

The soul-growing adventure of “going walkabout” intrigued and enchanted me, so I borrowed it to give shape to living the rest of my life.

I find creating art a pretty reliable way for me to unearth and bring to the light the material that is the color and drama of my inner world. Art always brings me back to myself. And like a true friend, it doesn’t always go along with me. Almost in equal measure, it can frighten and enlighten me, leading to further inquiry.

And therein lies its power to heal.

Closer to the end of my life, than to the beginning, it is time for me to tell my stories through art and writing — both to myself and to others.

I invite you to join me on The Walkabout Woman Blog, as I put in words and pictures both my inner and outer adventures!