Settling In

Settling In 7-24-2016

Settling In

I am settling in — to Bend, Oregon this time!

My move from the Oregon Coast was a rollicking adventure of crazy car trips back and forth through stunning scenery, lost mail, skullduggery, deceit, freedom, anxiety, exhaustion and joy!

I now live in another small studio – 450 sq. ft. this time, brand new and upscale. Bringing my possessions, acquired over 2 years, down to a manageable fit from 1200 sq. feet, was a bit of a challenge. But most of what I acquired was second hand or thrift store — so back it went to Goodwill.

As usual, I take several months in my new location mostly in seclusion (or what I call communion) to recover and regroup.

Yesterday was my first day for really doing some art. I attended the Mixed Media Society at Alpenhimmel Art Supplies in Sisters, Oregon. It was a chance to step back into making art, work with and meet other artists and to try out some new techniques and materials.

Also a chance to check in with myself and see what was up for me personally, since art doesn’t lie (at least in my case.)

The image above is part of a piece I created while trying new things. I placed my alter-ego woman snugged up in between a bunch of houses. It was all very tropical. (It’s hot here in Bend!) The pink butterfly is on her head, so that is hopeful for a future launch. And it is a butterfly, not a caterpillar or cocoon, so not much waiting around. I think it reflects security and contentment and a safe surround made up of solid structures. Let’s hope it lasts!

(I tried a new layering technique and Faber Castell india ink markers. I am sold on the pens. They don’t dry instantly, so you are able to move them about on nonporous surfaces for awhile. They are rather expensive, so will probably be acquiring them one or two pens at a time!)

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